Powr Network

Unifying the EV charging experience

Powr brings together all the charging networks in one app, so you can find, use and pay for chargers with ease.

The Problem

EV users face challenges like managing numerous accounts for charging access and understanding complicated setup procedures. Locating available charging points can be difficult, exacerbated by unreliable infrastructure. Additionally, long wait times at charging stations often add to the inconvenience.

Charging station operators face issues like fragmented management platforms, which cause difficulties for both EV consumers and owners. They also struggle with optimising operations such as site selection, balancing demand with cost, maintaining asset health, and maximising revenue.

The Solution

Powr Network provides one account for all charging needs, offering an integrated charging solution with flexible billing. We offer spatial analysis and strategic pricing for our charging partners, alongside SEO services and advertising to drive more traffic. Our approach also improves asset health while reducing cost.

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